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Aloha Eleanor,

Aloha Eleanor,

I found your site searching for a solution to hammering grommets in sports towels. I print photos on products, looking to improve on the towels available to me. Finding metal grommets hard on fabrics after repeated washings (towels stretch and grommet falls out), not to mention how hard metal grommets are on washing machine tubs.

I’ve located a clip system that might work or might eventually destroy the fabric after repeated clippings, it too is metal.

Target audience: golfers, water sports, runners, strollers….

Looking for an easy-on easy-off product that could incorporate a clip for hanging on a belt loop or bag.

My questions are:

What thickness can your product work with? Needs to secure a folded microfiber towel

Size – do you have a smaller version – about 1″ in diameter?

Can your product survive a washer and dryer treatment (or hundreds?)

Thanks for your time, I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Best Regards,


Light-Fabric Grip Clip Black (1 3/8″) is tough and small. Use for thin nylon tarps and fabric. Weight ..2 oz, White Micro Grip Clip (1 1/8″) ultra light Weight .085 oz

The light fabric can clip one layer of the 4 mill blue tarps.

Also see: where you can add a “gasket” to grip thinner cloth.

I have not noticed any deterioration in the grip clips due to washer and dryers. You should test it in your own dryer to confirm it works to your specs.


Bob Gillis