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Dome At Field Camp 1

A picture of the dome at our field camp in Colorado is attached.  As you can see, the location is very exposed.  When it was put up, the crew were making bets as to how many days it would last.  Most felt the wind would take it out in fewer than 10 days.  60 days later, it was still standing despite some  intense storms with very high winds.  The ropes with bungees helped tremendously.  It would flex in the wind and pop right back into shape.  Twelve of us regularly ate our meals inside.  It was a wonderful shelter.  We’ll see how it does next season.

Inside Dome

We used 12 inch steel stakes for the guy lines.  In the rain, the dome worked flawlessly.  I don’t have any close-ups of the the bungee-guy lines, but I spliced 24 inch sections of standard bungee cord into 20 ft lengths of nylon rope.  I have attached another photo of Bob Patten, a master flintknapper, doing a flintknapping demonstration inside the dome.

We’re very interested in purchasing a dome or two. I’m still concerned about wind, but for many reasons, it seems like our best option. There are a number of comparably-priced rectangular garage-type structures, but the major downsides are that they are very heavy (800 to 1000 lbs, good for wind, but bad for moving around and erecting) and the steel/aluminum bases of the frames are difficult to set up on lumpy ground. I like your idea of incorporating bungie into the guy lines. That should help quite a bit.