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Hi, I thought it might be time to write my testimonial of dome living. Two summers ago I ordered two domes, one 20 ft the other 14. The larger one we used for main living space the smaller one was my teenage sons bedroom. They were great they stayed dry and held up to some big winds and lots and lots of heavy rain. The larger one was a greenhouse version I had choosen because I knew I wouldn’t be living in it forever and I wanted a greenhouse too. IT was like being inside a waterfall in the heavy rain but not a bit of dampness enterred as long as we were sure to keep the doors secure. I was wooried when I first saw the domes, I’ll admit. I had just spent a great deal of money on fine furnitur and I did not want to risk it in the elements. It is still in top condidtion and made dome living quite comfy. Shades were an absolute necessity it was Very hot when the sun hit and quite cold when the sun went down, I recommend getting a heat source. I also installed floors in both shelters it helped keep things clean and dust free. There were some awesome things about dome living first of all every night I could hear the frogs singing in the pond nearby, secondly I woke up every morning to the sounds of birds singing. A newt moved in with us and lived under the refridgerator, we only saw it once and thought it had gone back to the pond but when we moved the refridgerator it was living there. Always tie down the dome!!!! This past summer I used the greenhouse one as a green house and we forgot about the cross over lines when we set it up. One day the big winds came and blew it right off the top of our mountain down into the gully at my neighbors. The dome was not hurt even though it blew about a quarter mile away and landed squarely in a hawthorn bush. I was grateful it did not hit my neighbors new vehicles though. ALWAYS tie down the dome. We set the small one up at the local barter fair and low and behold we met another family of dome dwellers. They told me they set theirs up on a nearby mountain and spent the sprng, summer, and fall in it quite nicely. We have to much snow here for dome living in winter but I am hoping to travel next winter and set them up on the beach in so cal and mexico. So happy dome dwelling to all.

If I set the domes up this year I will email photos. I don’t have any photos from when we lived in them. I have a picture of us at the fair with the dome behind but it is a regular picture not digital. I would not hesitate for one minute to move back into the domes if we didn’t get such heavy snowfall. I have been seeing some nice tent wood stoves on ebay reasonably priced as well as vent free propane both would be great additions to dome living. You guys should develop a dome shower house too. Something with black material so it warms up, brrr those outdoor showes can be so cold. Thanks we had a great time as dome dwellers and we still have great conversations about it. I love that they are also being used for relief efforts, that is so important these days. Take care and god bless.