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“We have now [1994] completed construction of our home and still the domes live on. The original 21′ dome that served us so well as kitchen is now helping produce our food. It occupies a prominent place in our garden as a greenhouse, and last summer we harvested an amazing crop of melons. (We have attempted melons several times before and, at best, harvested a golf ball or two.) In the dome we were able to create an environment that produced the most unbelievably sweet fruit, and for almost two months! One 17′ dome we use as a guest bedroom and the second provides great storage for our accumulated junk.

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“Your domes have met a great need for our family through the years. I have appreciated your willingness to consult with us as we have had questions. Personally, I have impressions of my children through their young years living independently in their own space, and I know they will always remember these years with fondness. You truly helped us live our dream.”