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For your future reference the door bars worked a treat & we were able to remove the door tapes without a problem, they had to come off as they were deemed a ‘tripping hazard’ in the eyes of the ‘Health & Safety’ people. I made the bars with 1″ steel box section 54″ long with 16mm holes drilled at 42″ (the door spacing), 3′ of 16mm studding was passed through the 16mm holes and locked in place with nuts either side of the box section making an ‘H’ shape with about 9″ of studding protruding from the bottom of the box section and 2’3″ protruding from the top. The top part of the studding was bound with Duck tape to prevent the threads of the studding chafing the ties that hold the door tubes to the dome and the studding was then inserted into the tubes/poles. Once the dome was in place the bottom of the studding was pushed into the ground to keep everything in place & the dome was roped down to the plastic pegs with the ties provided. There were also two 14mm holes drilled into the box section 3″ from each end incase extra ‘pegging’ was required but it wasn’t. I hope this makes sens, I have attached some pictures where you will see the door opening without the tapes & how cool the dome looks with the light show in action. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a video of the dome with the lights as we were very busy and as you know; the best laid plans of mice & men, eh?