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My name is Shanti, i want to give a testimonial for the grow dome:

I’ve had my GroDome 8′ for close to 10 years and it’s really held up nicely in the blazing Colorado sun, and i’ve been able to lengthen my growing season and grow things that previously i hadn’t been able to grow, like little melons. things are able to be grow really well inside. It’s really versatile and i’m able to move it around depending on soil qualities. i can move it and rotate it very easily. it’s been really fun and easy and a lot of help in our short growing season. We’re at about a mile high in elevation here in Colorado, and so our normal growing season is really short, so with the GroDome, I’m able to start a good month early, and grow even a few months later in the fall than normal, essentially doubling my growing season!

My GroDome is easy to put up and take down for the winter. We have really strong winds here, so it did roll around a little bit at times, but it only damaged it minimally and it was really my fault in not staking it down well. once i figured how to secure it properly, i haven’t had any problems. I’ve even left it up all winter long and the snow is shaken off very easily. But I do think it’s better to take it down in the winter, because i want to keep it a long time and i think it will last longer that way.

The GroDome 8 is the best for my small urban yard. It has been the perfect size, it can hold a bunch of tomatoes and melons. It’s really great in keeping things cool in the day with Colorado’s very harsh sun and at the near-freezing temperatures at night, things stay warm – it seems to even out the temperature well.

I also have a GroRow, which I use primarily as a bike shelter, rather than for growing. I use it like a lean-to type bike cover. My chickens also love the GroRow, especially in the winter they like to take shelter under it to keep warm. Thanks for a great product and we’re really happy with it!!