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Ak Dome

Thank you so very much for producing an excellent product! We recently purchased one of your 20′ dome greenhouses and had it shipped to our land on an island in Southeast Alaska. This was our first trip to see our land after buying it (we could only stay a week this time), and since we knew it was a rainforest there (over 120 inches of rain per year) and our land is “raw” we knew we would need a shelter that was easy and fast to put up, and that would handle the extreme amounts of rain normal for the area.

For the week we were on the island we set up the dome over our campsite to keep it dry and comfortable. You can see from one of the photos that we put our tent inside the dome. The only dampness we had inside was from condensation inside the dome – when it rained the rain hitting the outside of the dome would sometimes knock loose some drops of condensation creating a few “raindrops” inside the dome, but it really was a minor amount and much better than being in the real rain.

Now that we have returned home we are having a builder on the island construct a raised deck on our property on top of which he will permanantly mount the dome – when we go back next summer I’ll send you some photos of the dome mounted on the deck. For now the dome has been taken back down (it is so incredibly easy to set up and take down – Thank you!) until the deck is ready for it.

The dome really made the difference in our trip to the island this time, I don’t think that having just about any tent out in the open would work well in the Alaskan rainforest – but with your dome overhead it was as comfortable as camping in the backyard. None of the local residents had ever seen such a thing and were amazed at the superb design and how well it worked, word got around fast and many of them came by our camp just to see the dome. I think you’ve got a huge untapped market in Southeast Alaska – the locals were especially impressed when they found out the very reasonable price.

We (and other island residents) will most likely be ordering more domes from you in the future, so keep up the good work!!!