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Hi Dome

As the manager of an 8,661 acre watershed/wilderness preserve, my field crew and 1 regularly spend 2-3 days a week throughout the year in remote camps that require tough and reliable equipment that can survive near-constant use in a subtropical environment. Over the years, we have refined our equipment list, but we still keep an eye out for quality gear that can improve our work conditions in the field.

Since November of 1990, we have been relying upon two of your Shelter Systems domes (18′ & 14′) to keep us and our gear dry during our regular, overnight+ field trips in the rugged, West Maui Mountains. Set-up with just two people is a breeze in all but the worst winds. Ventilation is great and the headroom (all three of us around Cor so) has your competition (what competition?) beat “headsdown.” I’ll never go back to those cramped, hot, aluminum-poled, geodesic domes again!

Not even the U.S. Army approved (your tax dollars hard at work!) $1900 MOBIFLEX dome (seen blowing away in the desert in the movie, STAR GATE) could handle the extreme wind and rain conditions that your Shelter Systems Lighthouse domes have readily withstood.