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We had a great trip to the Arctic using your 18 foot dome as the central meeting & eating area for the field course. We did kink one of the PVC pipes the first day in our enthusiasm of putting the tent up for the first time. But we took it up and down 3 more times successfully. We brought some extra PVC with us, but did not need it.

We got snowed on one day. Our reaction was to close the dome up tight, boil lots of hot water for drinks & soups to keep people warm, and hang wet clothing up around the tent. Of course we got lots of condensation, creating mini indoor rainshowers. Next time we’ll prop some flaps open for ventilation to prevent all that condensation.!

12 Arctic Dome 12 Arctic Dome Tent 2

Most of our weather was much warmer, so that we had 2 doors open for ventilation. Not surprisingly, I only took photos in good weather. I’ve attached a few. We look forward to using the dome again for future classes.