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Chapel Dome

Julie N. Rokke: Good Morning Bob. Here are some pictures of the chapel. We had to cut about 15 inches off the bottom legs. Now we are thinking that we need to have a bottom ring and we need to seal up the door openings. Any advise?

Good morning to you also.

Robert: Your top looks good.

You can “clip” the doors closed by unclipping the side wall after removing the poles from the clip and then layering in the door over the side wall and clipping the two together.

You can add a bottom ring in one of two ways. Use 20′ lengths of PVC class 200 to create a ring and tie this to the base clips; or tie connectors of 1.25″ to your base clips and then add poles between the connectors to create the ring. The pole lengths will be slightly shorter then your long poles and the bottom door pole may be shorter still.


Julie N. Rokke: The chaplet is complete and the initial opening with all of the different chaplets happened on August 1st. The artist is now considering how to travel the chaplets around the state etc etc. We talked yesterday about maintenance and repair and I was thinking that perhaps we should have another fabric roof as a back-up. It would have to be modified because we cut off the structure you sent me etc etc. Is this something that you think you could do? What we did was cut the “legs” off 15 inches and then we took the grip clips apart to attach the door panels permanently and added a bottom ring to the structure. We also added an additional grip clip at the center of the fabric panels and attached it to the bottom ring ,just to pull it tighter to the roof structure. The spacing around the bottom was not equal, the window panels ended up being shorter so it didn’t work out quite as well with the brackets so we ended up adding a wood trim ring around the top of the bracket to hide the ring.

Robert: Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to make sure the artist was okay with it. She is… so yes you may use the photos on your web site. It would be nice if you could identify the project as Roberts Street Chaplet Project. and list me as the architect. Thanks.

Julie N. Rokke: I think we’ll try to order another roof structure, but it might wait a month or so.

Thank you again for all your help. The Chaplet has been up now for better than 6 weeks and has weather some nasty thunderstorms.