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Goat Tent Dome Shelter

I know you already received the below email from Eleanor, but let me say again that the quality of the pictures that you took is outstanding. I love the chicks and the ducks as well as the goats. As you know, Eleanor is very pleased with them too. Thank you for taking the extra time it takes to make them more special.

Yes, it is fine with me to use them for the website. May I have a copy of the link so that I may see it? I have also added the attached photo (with Jenny) to the Picasa album. Enjoy! Joy, Lisa

Hi Eleanor, I will send this to Lisa the photographer to make sure it is okay with her. Yesterday when I went to pick up the goats, the babies were jumping on the sides of the dome and sliding down. They were having a great time, and the dome was easily holding up. I hope it can take what playful goats will do to it.

By the way, the hairy buck I am posing with in one of the shots has found a wonderful new home on a 180 acre ranch, and I’ll be able to retain breeding rights- a perfect situation. When they saw the picture they knew they wanted him. Joy and Blessings, Virani

Goat Shelter Moveable

Dear Virani, Thank you for the wonderful photos! And you sure have an incredible
property there, beautiful. May we have permission to use the photos on our website along with
your testimonial? They really did make my day. Have fun and keep enjoying those goats and of course we would love to see one with the burro in the dome when it’s convenient. Take good care and thank you again for take the time to write. Best, Eleanor

Dear Eleanor, This album has more than just the dome with goats, but this made it easy to send to you. These don’t happen to have any with our burro, Jenny, in there, unfortunately. She is very photogenic. So far it’s working out great. I haven’t yet started the boat goat team, but I am having them all get used to having a shelter when away from the barn. There is a little rubbing and playing on the sides (not too much) but so far nothing that is causing any damage. We had some days of combined hail and sunshine, and when I checked on the goats and Jenny during the hail portion, the majority had chosen to take shelter within, with a few right nearby. This meant I didn’t need to bring them to the barn during that day- they stayed out and grazed. I am very pleased with it. I’ll try to get a good one with Jenny burro in there too.