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12 River Guides Dome Tents

My sons Sam and Max while working as river guides have been living in an 18′ model on the top of the mountain near Bryson City N.C. in the Nantahala Gorge. The area is only a few inches shy of being considered a rain forest. They bought the shelter from the owners of Endless River Adventures, who used it in Chile S.A., as a shelter for a rafting trips. The boys have been living in it last summer for 12 weeks and again this summer.

This year they made a floor from recycled shipping pallets and 4 plywood sheets. It is dry, spacious and they love it. No maintenance. They have been through several heavy windy rain and hail storms storms and it didn’t leak or blow away, When Im up to visit, its really nice to be able to stand up and have room. At night its a big hit inside or out, since its white, to project movies from my iPhone and pico pocket projector to show video’s from the day. During the day its nice and light and easy to sit and get some reading done . I really appreciate the natural venting makes it very comfortable, with big temperature swing daily in the area from hot nights and every morning waking in a cool moist cloud in the mornings. Its a comfortable change remembering years ago of a dark heavy canvas tent!