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Eleanor, I am trying to send you pictures of my Grodomes and the new homemade grenhouse I built using Gripclips and your material. These show the space I had to enclose (Outlined by poles sitting on my fence) and a steel support which has been there for years. The other pictures are of the finished structure and one of me while I was cutting the material.

The homemade greenhouse is a big success- better than I imagined. The roofline looks good and the roof sheds water but things are watertight inside. So far, no big problems. I plan improvements after It comes down for the summer which will be more Gripclips. Some of my distances are too great. I will send a second email with pictures of my 3 Grodomes. All 4 of the greenhouses are up for the winter and protecting plants. In them we mainly have citrus and bougainvilliae in the sun and ferns in the 11 foot Grodome which is in the shade. I am very pleased with your products, innovation, and customer service.

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