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Jesse Bike

Back from an awesome, and tiring weekend. Our team took 4th place in the 24-hours 6 man division. The event was amazing, especially heading out with headlamps to ride my 3rd of 4 ten mile loops at 4am!

The dome was a savior during the event. On top of that, it was a major hit with the team, and with other competitors. I handed out a number of brochures and fielded numerous question. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we got a few orders from this event. I took 4 of those large metal stakes, and they worked amazingly well. In that hard packed ground, they were like driving into wood. They were very solid

I am really thankful for being able to have this dome at the event, and everyone on the team was equally so. Here’s a few photos from the website or whatever. Thanks!