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Jack Shibata: Hi  Robert,

We have used the Yurt Dome Tents for a couple months now in Mongolia.

The tents have helped us out very much in our work. Please see some of the photos we took this time using the two tents.

One of the days during our trip, the temperature dropped to minus 10 centigrade (which is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

Since the weather in Mongolia is cold, hot, windy and sandy, we will be making some modifications for the two tents, and may be ordering tent parts sometime soon. Please see the attached photos (size reduced for email) and give us your suggestion. Hope everything is going well with your business.


Robert Gillis: Thanks for the great photos. Can I put a few on our site?

What are you working on in mongolia?

What problems have you found for the domes?

I noticed that you lowered on of them. How has that worked out for you?

Jack Shibata: Please feel free to use the photos. Out in the desert areas of Mongolia, we have strong winds of 45km per hour, where it’s difficult to stand. One of the tents, we guard with our vehicles, and the other we lowered to reduce the wind. It has worked out good for us, and even in strong winds, the tent that is lowered does not budge. So far, we have not had any bigproblems, except that the wind comes in through the layers that are overlapping, and we are considering ways to prevent that, since in the spring and early summer, Mongolia has strong winds and much dust. 

As you have seen in the photos, we use lights in our tents, so we have added a lining inside the tent to prevent from showing up. The most we have had together in one tent so far was 31 people. In the past it used to be difficult to be together for meals, but with the tent guarding us from wind, and lights in the tents we are able to have our meals together wherever we are. Our work in Mongolia is Christian related work where we pass out Bible literature. We also do charity work.

We have had a few poles get brittle and break in the cold, but otherwise there has been no problem. The dome tents are designed so well!