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We completed 3 1/2 months in the Yurt you supplied us. We solved the heat problem with a kerosene heater (the quiet kind) which also gave us a good night light. The yurt looked like a glowing dome in the dark. We kept two vents open the whole winter. Temperatures in the 20’s to the warm 60’s were encountered. We never had to worry about leaks, even in somewhat windy conditions, from rain or snow (we were snowed in one day).

The airiness of the structure made it very comfortable. We had some regrets when we moved into our house, which is so air tight that my wife, especially, always keeps the doors open “TO GET MORE AIR”.My wife and I were Camp Hosts for 3 months. I commuted to Boeing and helped her with the state park duties in the evening. Our children 13, 10, 7, 6 years studied math, reading, science, biology, and for physical fitness and fun they hiked and observed nature from the sea shore to the forest hideaway.

Camano Island State Park and South Whidbey Island State Park were wonderful places to observe the day to day changes of nature, season and weather from. We are even more aware of the necessity of preserved areas now that we have lived in them for a short time. The people who do the day to day work of preserving deserve our respect and support. We are using the yurt for a temporary storage area while I build the various cabinets and book shelves needed in our new house.

Thanks again for a structure that allowed us to be successful.