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Kids Room Inside Dome

“We purchased our first dome, a 21′, from you in 1985 before moving to our property here in Last Chance. It was a trial run at the time, as we knew we were moving to 12 rural acres, and we wanted to have some immediate living space to use while we began to develop our new home. We tried the dome for a year before moving and it met our needs. At the time we had two young daughters.

“As we made the move, we purchased two 17′ domes to complete our ‘dome village.’ The smaller domes served as our two bedrooms and the 21′ unit housed our kitchen and dining room. We enjoyed this setup for five years. Our location in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a wet one, yet the domes handled the climate beautifully. We were able to concentrate on establishing our gardens, building workshops and experiencing our property before actually picking a building site.