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Dome In The Snow

Enclosed are some slides of my old ‘Freedome’ which I lived in for 4 years (2 in New Hampshire and 2 in Alaska). With the double-walled design and a little wood stove, it was a ‘God-send’ of a living situation for me. Allowing me to live ‘cheaply’ anywhere. Thank you so much. It was a ‘threshold’ period of my life and enabled me to affordably explore new places, opportunities and lifescapes. I currently use my Light House as summertime living quarters while building log cabins for clients in remote parts of the state. I think that in summertime the LightHouse is a nicer alternative to the traditional Alaskan wall tent, being roomier, lighter and less prone to mildew. If the Sourdoughs’ had Domes , they would have used them!