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We have a 18′ yurt dome we’ve turned it into a outdoor sleeping room on these hot Southern California summer nights. We’ve decorated it quite wonderfully (if I say so myself — “The Mists of Avalon” meets “Cirque du soleil”.) Last week we were interviewed by TIME magazine on un-spoiling the kids of the 90’s, and there was a big photo shoot at our place (we are involved in voluntary simplicity and have a visually interesting place). The photographer just LOVED the dome and what we had done with it, and so it was used in a couple of the shots. This piece was supposed to be a story and run this week, but the NYC types liked it so much they’re running it as a cover story sometime over the summer. So you might want to keep your eye open for that story and see if you lucked out with the dome getting some free international PR…

I’m also writing a story to be submitted to the LA TIMES about our experiences of turning the yurt into something magical and taking refuge from the heat. If that goes, I’ll point you to it.

Needless to say, we really love our dome.