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Everything went well with putting up the dome. We hope it will have a nice time on our alpine pasture and not be blowed away by the next strong wind. We have anchored it very well but we don’t know how resistent the material is … As we put up the dome we asked ourselves how the rain stays out if the wind comes from aside — but times will show.

The stone floor fits very well and the atmosphere inside of the dome is really great. The acoustics are also very fine; we sang some songs in it and they sound good. The costs for shipping have been about 100 USD sheeper; not so much as I hoped but ok. The customs checkpoint didn’t understand what a ‘dome’ and ‘poles’ are, and wanted to know what kind the material for both is. Maybe it would be easier to declare the dome as a tent and give information about the material.

Stone Floor2 Yurt Dome Tent Stone Floor