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Here is a photo of my 10′ Dome set up with sunshade and floor, I set it up in my yard to test it out before taking it to Burning Man in 2009. I looked great!

10 Foot Dome Tent Burning Man 10 And 14 Dome Tent Burning Man

Here’s the photos of the 14 foot and 10 foot domes in action out on the playa. My mom and her husband stayed in the larger 14′ dome, and I was in the 10′. We got a lot of compliments on how they looked and how spacious they are. And people in little backpacking tents were definitely jealeous. With the strong winds out there, backpacking tents fall apart easily, but these domes held up perfectly. When dust got tracked inside, it was easy to just sweep it out and keep it clean and tidy inside. I did’t tie in the floor, since the floor is over-sized, I just tucked it up on the inside and used tubs and coolers to hold it in place. Even the 10′ has ample space inside for a bed, food, gear, and of course, a big pile of funky clothes and costumes.

Here’s some photos of the 10′ being set up. With two people it went up in minutes. Luckily when we arrived to the playa it was a calm day, so set up was easy and we were able to get it up and staked out before any wind picked up. thanks for a great product! We love these domes!!

Domesetup1 Domesetup2 Domesetup3