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Zara Pickel

Hi Eleanor,

Here are the pictures, and the bit of press my sister received for her charity garage sale benefiting grassroots organizations in Nepal. Zoey went to Nepal, rebuilt, traveled remotely to help more rural areas, and distributed the money she raised in this sale. Zoey’s main goal was to get this money, and bring resources to those in the rural areas, where people still live in dangerous homes because the government has a long and inefficient process to get aid to those remote villages. Zoey did this through an organization called the Nepal English Education Foundation. The press Zoey received for her charity garage sale, in May 2015.

I attached some photos, as well. Zoey gave me full permission to send you all this, and you are welcome to display it on your website. If you would like more information about what my sister does, here are some links. The Nepal English Education Foundation (NEEF), a small non-profit started by our aunt after she visited Nepal. Zoey donated the entire proceeds of this garage sale ($2092 was the final count of the weekend garage sale) to NEEF. Zoey also has a fundraiser party this January, where she managed to raise another $2100, of which half went to NEEF, and the other half Zoey distributed herself to on the ground local non-profits. This is Zoey’s closed group on Facebook (send a request!), which details her personal efforts. Zoey also includes amazing photographs, stories, and more on this site. This is the official video Zoey did when she was out there on the ground!! Amazing visuals, all her raw work, and you can see where the money is going! I don’t believe there is dome footage here, BUT this is where all the money raised in the dome went.

As you see, you have lots of great press to choose from here. In many of these clips, the dome is very prominent!

I did not include our Burning Man photos, because I can’t find a good one with the dome very visible. If I find it, I will forward it if you like. I figured you had enough Burning Man dome shots.
?? Zoey standing with our mom, Tobe, and our dog, Molly. A post from Facebook that details funds raised. Full outside dome shot. Allan (dad), and Molly, the official greeters. In-dome shot. Just Zoey outside the dome. Full outside dome shot.

This is a pretty big document with lots of stuff, but I hope you guys use some of Zoey’s garage sale photos online. It was the most unique garage sale I have ever seen, and so many people asked about the dome!! We had the dome in the driveway, and it had goods in it, and then the garage was full as well. People loved the unique vibe of the dome, and it made it easy to find!

Thanks again for your great products. Have a great day, Eleanor!

Zara Pickel