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Will this work?

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Will this work?

What do mean will it work? If you mean will it hold the sign above the dome: I’m not sure. The sign looks big. How heavy is it. Wind on the sign may be a problem also. It would be best to find this out experimentally. I would make the sign as light as possible, attach it to the dome at pole intersections at the top of the small triangles (the dome is strongest at these points) and have flaps in in the sign to let strong wind blow through or make the sign of a mesh that allows the wind to flow through it. With a light wind porous sign it should work.


I was sent your site by a friend and am very interested in your
products. Do you have a distributor who is in Australia?



Can we get
these here?

Yes we ship UPS Air out of country.


What is the weight of the 20′ diameter yurt?



70 lbs divided into two 35 lb packages, one for the poles one for the covering.


Just wanted to let you know that we purchased two of your domes to use as dining tents on our treks in Bhutan. They were a HUGE hit with our clients and our local trek staff as well. The trekkers came to call the 20′ dome the “Taj Mahal” and enjoyed luxuriating in the roomy interior. We did have one gusty day that lifted the dome off the ground (our staff hadn’t tied the guy lines tightly enough) but other than that, they held up extremely well. If you are interested in any photos, we hope to have some up on our site in the next few weeks. Look at our site and go to the Bhutan section (go to Asia first, then to Bhutan). All the best! Brent Olson Geographic Expeditions

Dear Henderson