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How well does a 30 footer stand up in the wind at BM?

On May 17, 2004
Re: dome and yurt structure tent for burning man festival

Great. Thank you for getting back to me on this.
It is nice to know you have experience with Burning Man.
How well does a 30 footer stand up in the wind at BM?

They have done extremely well in the past 4 years. As far as I know not one has been damaged.

Do you make one bigger than 30ft?


Also how are big are the stakes you use?

We provide 24 – 12″ “I beam” ABS stakes with the dome. With stake cords provided these can be driven below the surface of the playa. This technique has worked for some. Others have created re-bar stakes (see Dealing with Strong Winds:

Also see:

Hi Again,

Any way of shipping these domes to us in UK cheaper?

If you have a friend in the US we can ship to him for our standard shipping and he could then carry (if he is coming to visit you) the packages as baggage or ship to you any way you want (some times US mail is cheaper – but slow and not as secure).

The old dome lasted for 8 years of extreme UV exposure up here at 9000
feet (that’s what eventually did it in), snow, hail, and wind gusts up
to 45 miles per hour. The design is very sound and provides for an
exceptionally efficient use of interior space. We have been very


Thanks for this info – when you say ship within 2 weeks does this mean I’ll receive them within 2 weeks?

Approximately – ship date depends on what orders we are working on and what stock we have at the time of your order. Right now we are about 8 working days away from shipping your order (if you want us to go ahead with it). Shipping time is 3 to 4 days.

Also, with whom do you ship

UPS Air. They are reasonably priced, fast and insured.

– can you give me an idea of taxes + duties which will need to be paid?

This varies county to country. Call a local carrier in your area and give him the cost of the tents not including shipping.



On May 6, 2004, at 9:28 AM, Kerry Edson

The GroDome Greenhouse 18 is a replacement for our older model which had given eight years
of life here at 9000 feet in the Colorado mountains. The old greenhouse would easily get up to 90 degrees on
a 65 degree day.