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Hi Virani

Sounds like it would work to me but you know goats better than me. I do not think they would climb on it since it is flexible and tight like an inflated balloon. We have sold our domes for use with pigs and lamas. The 20′ can be lifted and moved by 2 or three people. If need be one person can lift one side and drag it. If you get one please send us a photo.


Bob Gillis

On Jan 30, 2011

Dear Bob,

I need a very portable shelter for my browsing boy goat team I want to start in a few months. The sides look like the goats will not be able to jump on them, and the weight is right for frequent moving. Have you had any customers use them for this kind of purpose? If so, did it work well for them? Our area has only light snow fall and I could be on alert on such times and shake down the snow during these times. I will be moving them to different areas with portable fences, and I need a shelter that I can pick up and move with them. I will have help, since even though it’s under a 100 pounds, that will help because of the size.

If you haven’t had success with goats because of their curious nature, my thought is that I could surround the sides with their portable electric fence so that this could keep them away from them. I am hoping that this could be the solution I have been seeking for this situation. This shelter will need to be moved frequently. I am considering the 20 ft version. The goats have a standard size burro that stays with them as a livestock guardian, and she’ll need the shelter too. I don’t care if it would get yellow stains on the sides from pee. Right now I have the boys (wethered) with the dairy team, but that needs to change this year. I live at Ananda which is a spiritual community based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. We have 850 acres that can use a lot of clearing by the goats. Here’s a picture at our dairy barn:<1-18-11 Yogoata (10) .jpg>

Joy and Blessings,