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Thanks for the good suggestions,

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the good suggestions, I will follow them. Is the cord that was used to tie up the canopy and poles (we have several meters of that) appropriate for the tension cords?

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more than that the canopies are being used as protective wind walls for outside testing. I’ll see if I can get a photo and perhaps send you an update if things become public.


Hi Mike

This should work, but to get the most strength when “your” door is closed I suggest adding two way diagonal tension cords in the two panels you have cut and a ground cord. Carabiners could be added to tension cord ends to facilitate applying and removing cords. Tension cords when used should be secured to the “Grip Clip cords that the connectors are attached to”. Cords could be color coded and knotted to the right length to be pretensioned in advance. A low stretch cords such as kevlar or spectra are preferred for low stretch available from west marine.

Let me know if I can help more.

I am curious what function you are using the domes for (photo?)


Bob Gillis