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tape and such

Subject: Re: tape and such

Hi Cindy

I forget, how old is your dome; does it have fabric side walls or is it all white woven plastic? It sounds like you have looked through the online manual: We have been testing the tape for about 4 months but not long enough to tell if it leaves a sticky residue. Clear Silicon Rubber 100% in caulking gun size is an affordable alternative. It takes about 24 hr to cure. I know what you mean about the residue from the Velcro. You might get it off with Goo be Gone which is a citrus based solvent. The white dome cover is not effected by any solvent I have tried. If you have a solvent in mine test it first on the edge of the domes skirt; but my guess is that you would have no problem. Bent poles will not effect the strength of your dome but if you want to replace any or all you can get class 200 PVC at most irrigation supply stores: for example: Ewing Irrigation in SC or Scott Valley Sprinkler. Take an average measurement from 10 of your poles for measurement and a hack saw so you can cut your poles there to fit in your car.


Bob Gillis

On Sep 10, 2009, at 8:05 AM, cynthia wrote:

Hi Bob-
I just spent some time at Sophia’s at your old camp grounds . She is now with a very old friend of ours and they sheltered us when we had to evacuate. One of those amazing syncronisities i guess.

Anyway my question is-
My dome has been up and down a few times. I set it up in the woods and there are reasons I want to seal the cracks as much as possible. (bugs and such)
Can the duct tape you recommend be taken off again.
I know some things leave a sticky residue.
Even the velcro left sticky residue. Can that be cleaned off? I figured not, since any solvent would dissolve the plastic, too.

Also- most of my poles are permanently bent now. Do you recommend replacing them? Is there a place in Santa Cruz that has the material?

Thanks much!
Hi to Eleanor…if she remembers me.