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Do you have a system for rain water catchment…

On Oct 22, 2007

Hi Bob,

Do you have a system for rain water catchment…
If not… do you think that this system could be attached to the structure of your 20′ Dome… with one flap of the over hanging shingled material feeding into it ?

Thanks, Robert

You would want to make the gutter to fit the dome. The flap of shingling material that circles the dome at about 5′ can be tucked into a gutter that would direct rain run off into storage. The gutter could be of metal or fabric and should hang from the 12 clips that circle the dome just under the ring pole at the above mentioned 5′. In most towns there are individuals who are in the business of making custom gutters (look in the yellow pages). I would recommend a narrow gutter of say 2.5″ to 3″ as you will want to fit the gutter under the pole system of the dome. Each of the 12 gutter joints should be the same 150 degree angle. You will need a down spout and a storage tank for the water. Filtering and water purifying systems may be relevant. If your needs are small a 55 gallon plastic drum may suffice. For filtering do a search online for ( rain water filter system ) One we found was:


Bob Gillis