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small portable cube made of your greenhouse

On Jan 6, 2009

Hello Bob-
I am looking for a small portable cube made of your greenhouse material.
Ideally it would be 1meter x 1meter x 1meter and open on the bottom,
although the exact are dimensions (open bottom is not). I want as much
light penetration as possible – but no gas leaks. What I am trying to do is
put this thing on the ground somewhere and measure the change in carbon
dioxide and change in water vapor over a ~1 minute period to get an estimate
of CO2 and H20 fluxes (i.e. photosynthesis and evaporation). I will then
pick it up and move it to another spot and do it again. This work is part
of my research to better understand how ecosystems will respond to global
changes such as climate change. I have used the tenting approach a few
times and read an article that featured your tents by some people at UC
Irvine . If you could help with this, I would be appreciative.

Hi Darrel

We can do it. They are a bit expesive in that each is a one up and takes quite a bit of time.

Free Standing BoxTents ™

Strange but true; Free Standing BoxTents ™ developed for use in studying gas exchange experiments between plants and their environment.



Bob Gillis