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“Sizes” Jacuzzi Cover

“Sizes” Jacuzzi Cover

Interested in a small dome just big enough to cover a 8′ X 8′ jacuzzi which I
have in the corner of my small patio. Do you have anything that might work.
Cannot stake down dome because the Jacuzzi is on concrete.

Perhaps you could tie it to your fence or you can use sand bags or concrete “eye” bolts to hold it down.

Dome should be rather vertical because Jacuzzi is located in the corner of the patio and
there is a fence on two sides of the jacuzzi. In other words, there is
little room to have the dome slope. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

You might get our Crystal Cave 9 to work for you.

“Sizes” Portable Classroom

Dear Shelter Systems,
I am looking for a shelter that is portable, brightly lit on the
interior, well ventilated and easily assembled. I am applying for a $1,000
grant in order to purchase such a shelter, but I had almost given up the
hope of finding something suitable when I discovered your webstie.
Can you tell me how many people can be seated comfortable in your
Geodisic Yurt Dome 20 Diameter 20’x10′ High? Generally I expect to have 6
– 10 students using spinning wheels plus myself. Occaisionally I would like
to be able to seat 20 people for a lecture. Is this possible in this size?
Given the constraints of the grant money do you have any other
recomendations in choosing one of the shelters that you produce.
Thank you very much, Phylleri

I believe our 20′ Yurt Dome would work well for your class room. They have been used as classrooms in the past and I belive there would be enough room for your group. You can mark a circle on the ground with a 10′ cord and small stones by having some one hold the cord to the ground and then you walk in around keeping the cord tight and mark off a 20′ diameter circle with the small stones. Then set up one or more of your wheels or chairs to see how they fit.



Here is an image as we walk it to its place in the snow. We set it up where it was warm and then carried it one mile. Andre

30%27Dome On The Move