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“Sizes” & “General”

“Sizes” & “General”

Questions about the Solar Dome:
One of the tables indicate that the height of the opening for the 20′ is 7’5″ for the open arch situation. Yet the photographs suggest that there is a pole running across the opening at about 5’5″.

That measurement is for the”open arch” form of the dome:

What is the highest opening possible with a 20′ Solar Dome?


  How are the net walls intended to be used? They replace two sidewalls in the 14 and 18’ers.

Are they for the open arch?


Do they offer a fairly unobstructed view?


How do the net doors differ from the net wall?

The net doors are under the doors. You can up to 4 per dome and 8 on the 30’er.

How much light does the liner block?


Is it possible for one person with patience to setup a 20′ dome?