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shingle leak problem

Date: October 5, 2009 2:36:20 PM PDT

Subject: shingle leak problem

Shingling problems has happened in the past and the most common reason is that the outer shingle is twisted; if this happens the outer most shingle does not cover the inner layers and water can run into them and thereby into the dome.. First suggest to the customer that sometimes the poles are causing the clip to twist and deform the shingling, which can be solved by removing the poles from the dysfunctional clipped shingling; straightening out the twisted clip and connectors and then re-inserting the poles.

This twisted shingling can also happen when the dome was clipped up at the shop, but this is rare. It might also be possible that the overlap has been cut too short to protect the inner layers from the weather, but this is also uncommon These two problems can be fixed by unclipping re-arrange the layering and then re-clipping (only an ambitious customer can sometimes fix this themselves. (the easiest way for a customer to do this is:

Remove only one clip from your dome being careful not to disrupt the layering sequence of the panels on your dome. If you can not get the clip off use a pliers and brake the ring part of the clip use the spare Heavy Duty Grip Clip that comes with your dome to replace this clip. 3) Take your time to make sure all layers are flat and in the same layering sequence and orientation (look at and marks on the corners of the layers you are to re-clip and make sure they aline. 4) Now with all layers in the same order and orientation as before; gather these tightly around the male clip and slip over the female clip as described in the manual. When many layers are involved as is the case with the corners of the windows, attaching the female clip can be difficult; practicing on scraps before you do this on your dome. Making the layers warm with the sun or heat lamp (be careful not to melt the covering by getting it to hot) can help.


Bob Gillis

Hi eleanor this is Johnny. We spoke on the phone about the hole in the floor. Also by saturday or sunday I should have the dome set up so I can take pictures of the specific overlap I was talking about. We took pictures when we first got it (lisa was dismayed at how dirty it was but I told her it was used and thats why it was 10% off) but didnt know enough about it to focus on any one area. I’ll take a ruler and try to get detailed shots of it.