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On Sep 20, 2007

Hello Bob,

I’ve found answers to most questions in your q&a but one (or more) remain…

I live in Southern Washington State. The sun comes down hard in the summer and the rain comes down hard in the winter. I’m looking for a permanent dome for year round multiple-use. Snow will definitely be a concern and I’ve found info on that. It looks like I’d have to replace the covering every 3-4 years, no problem. A friend raised a possible concern, based on his experience with PVC pipe he feels the PVC dome components would become brittle within a year or two of constant exposure resulting in brittle parts and breakage. What is your experience?


Hi Shawn

Our domes have been used for shelter for extended periods of time; sometimes up to many years but they are light weight and most would consider them temporay. We have not had the PVC failing before the covering.


Bob Gillis