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Repair Question

Repair Question

Hi there…
I bought a 20′ dome from you last summer. It’s great. I’m very happy
with the purchase…but have a repair question:

I erected the dome on a windy day, and a large gust came through
before it was guyed. The dome held up well, but the grip clip at the
lower corner of one door was pulled out, leaving a round hole about 2″
across. How should/can I repair this?

Thanks for your help.


Small cuts and holes in the covering can be sealed with silicone rubber and a patch cut from the wrapping that the dome came from. If a clip has pulled through leaving a hole then the whole panel should be replaced or a patch of the wrapping sewn over the hole and sealed with silicone rubber. The reason for this is that tension is greatest at clip attachment points. A quick fix can be made by simply moving the clip over two or so inches. This of course dos nothing about the hole but will give a new attachment point for the clip and could get you by for a while. If more than one pole meets at the clip some of the poles may need to be shorten or lengthen.

Materials: PVC

Hi I am interested in the geodesic yurt dome. I wanted to know firstly, i
heard that PVC is very toxic and bad for the enviornment is this so? also
will there be toxins produced in the living space by all of that heated
plastic. I may want to live full time in one of these things and have
concerns. Thanks alot

I am not an expert on PVC toxins but what little I know PVC is toxic when burned. As far as I know there is no toxicity do to outgassing inside the dome. Our Extra Strong version does not have vinyl windows and the PVC poles are only on the outside.

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