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PVC question

On Mar 4, 2010, at 10:11 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

Hi Vinnie

Your dome poles will take a slight bend over time and this does not effect the function of the dome. You should never cover your dome with a tarp as this can trap heat and melt your poles or collect water and collapse your dome. If you find any are severely bent then you can replace them with 1″ class 200 PVC which you should be able to get from an irrigation supply store. We also sell poles:


Bob Gillis

Subject: PVC question


First I have to tell you that I was living like a king at my first burn last year. The 18′ dome is massive when your inside it and a great shelter in the wind!

It’s been up and down 4 time since and quite a bit of the PVC is getting a bit warped. What do you recommend as far as replacing pieces. Nothing is cracked or broken, I just want to be proactive and make sure my home away from home stays in great shape.