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On Oct 16, 2009

Hi Ellen

Thanks for for your feedback about our domes.

The domes we make are a compromise of many factors. We try to create the right mix to produce a dome that functions reasonably well under most conditions and is still affordable and portable. Doors on tents present a tricky problem. Zippers do not work on large tents that have a lot of use. They are a hassle to use and tend to brake and jam. Velcro works but must be installed with the dome up, at times catches on clothing and hair, does not hold up to a lot of storage and may eventually need to be replaced. Large hooks or buckles do not effectively close the gape between the door flap and the dome’s side walls. If the dome is not buffed by constant wind the another solution we have found is to install a door pole and secure one side of the door with the hook and let the weight of the pole close the door. This approach is spelled out in the online manual:

We chose the maximum outside dimensions to represent our domes as they are big and fitting them into a site is often a problem of size. The liner is sized to produce an insulating layer of air from 2 to 3″ will reduce the inside diameter by an additional 6″. To achieve a shingled liner it must shingle from bottom to top. Having a complete liner means the door are doubled.


Bob Gillis

On Oct 16, 2009

Dear Eleanor & Bob:

I placed an order for an 18 ft dome on Aug 24, 2009, order number 2732. – I received the dome and other items ordered with one exception:

I notice that now on your website you sell strips of velcro also – 8 yards for $25. Really I wanted strips to begins with, but I only saw coins offered when I ordered. I don’t know if that was my oversight, or if the strips are new to your site. Anyway, I really need velcro for the doors especially. I love the dome, but am quite dissatisfied with the way the doors close and supposedly seal or at least fasten with those little s hooks.

Also, along with my 18 foot dome (which really has inner dimensions of about 16 1/2 feet) I ordered a liner. The under and over design of the cover does not match well with the under/over design of the panels of the liner. This is a problem when it comes to the doors – it is awkward, and the overlaps are opposite of what they should be. Also, it would really be helpful to customers to include the INNER DIMENSIONS for your domes because both domes I have ordered from you are quite a bit smaller than I was expecting.

I think velcro strips will solve the problem, but I don’t understand why your company doesn’t just sell the dome in a form that works well on it’s own, or why you don’t just include a thorough amount of velcro stripping to fix the problem. I really don’t understand how you think a person can securly close the doors from the inside using your system with tiny s hooks. It does not make sense. I willl use velcdro strips to try to remedy this, buy I am giving you this feedback on your product.

I called and did not get a person on the phone, so I am going to order online the velcro stripping I need as it’s own order.

I am requesting that you either mail me the velcro coins included in the order from August, outlined below, or refund or credit me for the amount of the velcro coins I did not receive. I know I ordered around burning man time and you guys were really busy at that time. Thank you for your attention, and despite these door, sealing & liner issues I really love my dome.