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On Nov 24, 2008

On Nov 24, 2008

I have an Endless Pool set into a 19’x24’ deck. I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I would like to put something over the pool and deck that would cut down on the heat loss from the pool and possibly also make the area around it a bit warmer so that it is not so brutal to get out of the pool. My ideal would be something I could see through so I can still enjoy being out side. I only plan on using the cover in the winter.

I was looking at your 20’ pool cover. My concerns are whether it will stand up to Massachusetts snow and winters; and how opaque it is or whether it can have wondows.

Thank you.


Subject: Re: Pool Cover

Not sure; the domes are strong and tough but are still tents (light weight and portable). You would need to heat it when snowing to melt snow off as it accumulates. The domes can fail in extreme winds. Read our wind and snow warnings.

Now on the other hand, if they do fail, usually only a few poles brake and they are inexpensive to replace (PVC).

The covering of our standard pool covers lets light through like frosted glass or wax paper. More light pass through than glass but you cannot see through it but if you hold your hand right up against it you can see it. We can make the your cover of our white shelter covering which is optically something like a sheet of paper. See the bottom of page:


Bob Gillis