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I have a boat which is 42 feet long, 14 feet wide. When on the ground for
Winter Storage it is about 18 feet to the highest point from the ground.

I generally build a ridge pole running the length of the boat out of 2X4’s
using 2X4’s for legs about every 10 feet. This ridge pole is about 6 feet
off the deck and a tarp is draped over it covering the boat for the Winter.
Due to wind and snow loads the tarps generally last one or two seasons.

I am wondering if you make a structure that would enclose the boat either
from the ground or from the deck up and if the costs would be worthwhile in
the long run.


Hi Pete

We do not make a structure the size you need but from you letter I can make some suggestions that may increase the life of your tarp substantially. First suspend the tarp under your 2×4 frame using our Heavy Duty Grip Clips. This will prevent the tarp from rubbing and wearing on the frame when it moves in the wind. It will also prevent heat build up where the tarp traps the sun’s heat between the tarp and the 2x4s. This heat accelerates the rotting of the tarp at these points. Try to buy a tarp that is UV stabilized for a long sun life. Next make sure the tarp is pulled and kept tight using enough Grip Clips to pull it tight; check it out in high wind and tighten it if necessary. A lose tarp flaps in the wind and the flapping causes the tarp to degrade and fail. When your tarp does wear out the Grip Clips can be removed and appalled to a new tarp.