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3/7/00 Hello,

I work for Columbia University, and we are looking to find some sort of portable structure for our softball field to house our scoring and public address table. It needs to have an opening in front to view the game and be able to put an eight foot table with chairs facing the field. We would put it behind the backstop fence.

Looking through your inventory, it looks as if your Crystal cave may work well. I have two questions:
1. Does the Crystal cave let in light?
It is very cold on the field and sunlight is important for the workers. Plus, they will need light to see what they are doing.

Order it with the translucent cover.

2. Can a door be installed in the back side? We would need one side completely open to view the field, and since that would be against a fence, would need to enter from the rear.

There is a door in the back

You should also consider the “Open Arch” forms of out SolarDomes or GroDomes say the 18’ers. Looks more like a softball.