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your more than welcome to add my name to your list. I’ve been researching
Aleut Kayaks and Inuit Style kayaks, and maybe i would like to use your 4 hr Kayak
method and then make one out of skin…..peace

> >dear sir:
> >thank you for the sharing such an ingenious and practical kayak, with
> >the total cost of 22 dollars and the little girl lifting it over her
> >head! it’s amazing what one can accomplish with the basic tools and
> >resources in our environment. i had to laugh at myself, i spent 800
> >dollars on a second-hand kayak and it weighs 60 lbs(i dare not to
> >attempt to lift my kayak by myself, i need assistance to carry to the
> >water each time).,….your idea is very practical and economical….hats
> >off to you! p.s…you can guarantee I’ll book mark your website.

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Subject: Stick Kayak; Hi. My name is Andy, from Boy Scout Troop 67. Last week at summer camp, we had to build our own boat/canoe/kayak and race it. We jumped on the Internet and found your plans. We had the most impressive boat out there! (We placed first too!) I just wanted to thank you for putting this design out on the Internet! -ANDY



I am fascinated by your products… Did you design the “oval interntion” tent. Used to have one and was great. Hope your business is going well. L.C.



I would like some details on the 4.5′ high 14′ across wind wall.
I want to use it on a Beach for sun in the winter and also a wind break. How
heavy is it

About 15 lbs.

and is the material clear for sun penetration.

We make Wind Walls of of the White Yurt Dome covering, the Translucent Greenhouse covering, or the White/Black sun block covering.

All Wind Walls are by special order only.

How is the
structure held up?

The top poles form a ring which is held up by the upright poles. Stakes are included and guy lines.


Can you use grip clips with tyvek to make a light weight tent? If so what
size of clip would you use?


Because Tyvek is stiff and yet thin both the Light Fabric and the General Purpose will work. The GP will allow you to join more layers but is heavier than the LF. I would try to use the LF.