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On May 31, 2004

On May 31, 2004

I am contemplating a 14′ Dome for use at outdoor/indoor Fairs, etc.. Many of which are held in asphalt paved parking lots or indoor gym-type floors. I noticed “stakes” being used. Are they mandatory?

No, you can hold it down with many large water containers.

They look plastic, can metal ( for asphalt) be sustituted?


I have a second important question. My usage would require my projecting video image within. In a perfect world I would love a “paradox” functionality. Would the covering facilitate my projecting image directly on “inside” walls of dome rather than a screen in normal sunshine (daylight), but be translucent enough to have the image seen from the outside in the evenings after sunset.

Yes. I believe this would work. At least we have sold them for this use. You may want to shade the dome in the day so that the images you project would not get washed out.

This would have great “attention getting” value in a trade show/fair setting.  If the dome covering material is more than a one piece item, I imagine two types in combination would be useable. I could move the projection to different “panels” for day & evening application.

I do not think this would be necessary; but we could make the dome 1/2 white and 1/2 white in black out. But you most likely would still need to shade the dome to cut down on the glare. Most projectors are not bright enough to project well in a bright room.