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On Mar 27, 2007

On Mar 27, 2007

Hi Bob,

I coming to Burning Man from London this year (hurrah), and would like some advice about your yurt domes please.

We’re coming with a campervan and are considering buying an 11′ yurt dome with a long 20 x 20′ black woven sunshade. We want to create a space similar to the photo that you have of a van + yurt by a testimonial from someone called Kim Lane (who by her comments is also from the UK).

…..The smallest dome I recommend for BM is our 14′ YD at $620. The reasons for this are that it is stronger and better supported than the 11 and that it has 4 doors so you can get air flow when it is hot and that it has a bigger volume of air (makes for a cooler dome) and that the height is higher: 7′ (this also makes for a cooler dome. For all of these reasons the 18′ is even a better choice.

First, is the floor included in the price of $350?

….None of our domes come with floors. You can use a tarp for your floor and save or we offer floors for sale see accessories:

Second, is the 20×20′ sunshade ($100) the one you would advise? Would we need the sticky back velcro with this?

….The bigger the sunshade the better. They come with clips. Bring some cord or use the cord we provide with the dome to pull it out and tie it. One nice way is to tie over your dome and then to a car with a rack spaced a short distance from your dome. This then provides a shaded porch area which is a nice place to hang out in the day. Sticky back velcro is not needed for the shade but is useful to secure the sides of doors from wind.

Third, how do you recommend we fasten/attach the sunshade to the yurt/ground and what would be the cost of items to do this (if you provide them)?

….We include with the dome some spare stakes and cord. You may want to bring some thin rope and more stakes. Also see above.

It’s the first time we’ve been to BM and so we’re new to the challenges of the desert. I’ve read your website, and the advice about securing the yurts for strong winds etc. We want to have everything necessary to be safe, self-sufficient and secure, but need to keep costs down as much as possible what with travelling from so far! Is there anything else we would need? You suggest a Life Support Kit – is this something you provide, and if so, at what cost?

…..At this point we do not offer the kit but suggest you put your own together:

Fifth, where are you based? Can we come and pick the order up?

We are set up to ship and try to avoid pickups.

Finally! would you have any recommendations of places in San Fran or en route to BM where we can cheaply kit out our yurt with rugs, throws, cushions etc?

I would try Good Will and thrift stores.

….Good luck, have fun, be safe.

We’re keen to finalise these details within the next day or two, so if you could get back to me asap that would be great. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and really excited about the possibility of hanging out in a yurt dome in the desert!

Kind regards,