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On Mar 14, 2006

On Mar 14, 2006

I was wondering how long the frame can be expected to last. Your statement,
“Poles can usually be obtained from a building supply or plumbing store. Ask
for class 200, class #125 or schedule 40 will also work.” made me wonder.
Here in Los Angeles I’ve seen 1/2″ schedule 40 PVC become brittle after a
little over one year in the sun. Is there an additional treatment that is
used on your frames or recommended treatment to keep the PVC from
deteriorating in the sun?

Can a properly anchored 18′ dome assembled correctly and in good condition
handle sustained 60mph wind loads? I would hope that I could avoid that
situation, but when those desert winds kick up they can really be screamers.

Dan Metcalf

The PVC we use is standard. In all cases the poles outlast the coverings. In most conditions they last 3 + years. We guarantee them for 1.5 yeas.

I do not recommend our 18′ for sustained 60 mph winds. If your application is Burning Man then our domes have done well at BM for over 8 years and have survived some strong wind storms with gusts in the 50’s. But this was not sustained. See:


Robert Gillis