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Dear Eleanor,
We are quoting the shipping from MIami to C.Rica. We will let you know the exact dates when we will need the domes.
Please Eleanor, we asked Bob if it was possible to have any other color other than white, and no answer so far. Could you please let us know? And the structure?
Many thanks.

Dear Laura,

Please see attached quote. I was a bit shocked at the price for shipping to be honest. We ship UPS Air. They are usually a bit expensive but very dependable and fast but these prices are really high. I would recommend trying to ship somewhere in the United States and then shipping the goods to yourself in some other way. Total shipping cost for shipping within the US for the same order is only $560.

You will be responsible for any additional import fees, duties and taxes if applicable.
Please note that we require a bank transfer for most international orders.

Thank you for your continued interest in our products and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Regards, Eleanor

On Apr 24, 2009

Re: Information

Hi Laura

We only offer the domes in white.
1) White reflects light the best; you can light up the whole dome with on candle.
2) White does not color fatigue the eyes as do most other colors; for example if you spend time in a red dome when you step out everything appears blue. The red-sensitive cones in your eyes adapt and lose their sensitivity. (Like other primary sensory cells, they stop firing if bombarded for too long with a stimulus.) Once these red cones lost their sensitivity, the opposing cones kicked into action. White does not do this.
3) White does not heat up as much in the sun on a hot day as other colors do.
4) By choosing only one color to make our domes we save all our customers money since it would cost more to stock multiple colors.


Bob Gillis