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On Jul 19, 2004

On Jul 19, 2004

Dear Shelter Systems,

Have been looking at your wonderful web site and am interested in purchasing one of the dome yurts for Burning Man this year. I was thinking of a 11” dome, as I only require this for sleeping 1-2 people. However, I would like the following advice:

1. Please advise whether you think a 11” yurt is suitable for BM conditions?

The smallest dome we recommend for Burning Man is 14′.

2. Please advise what kind of shade structure you can supply with this size of yurt and how much it would cost?

Recommend two of our 6 by 12 sun shads or commercial shade cloth which you can get at building supply.

3. Please advise on type of mosquito netting for this yurt size and cost? And how to install?

You will not need any net doors for Burning Man. I you still want net doors they are $25 each. The 14′ has 4 doors.

4. Please advise on best floor type and how to fasten and cost?

We recommend a blue plastic tarp for a floor. You can get this at a building supply store.

Please explain more about ventilation tubes and what is already supplied? Do I need more?

Two are supplied and you can make more out of empty cans (see

6. Is the fabric used a frosted white for privacy? Or can you supply other colours that would be more appropriate?

They are only available in white. It is like white paper as to the light.

7. Please advise whether I would require rebars for the guy lines?

Not with the 14’er. Be sure to read our wind warnings on the site and in the manual (Instruction Manual: ).

8. You say that the 11” yurt has 1 door. What kind of flexibility does this door have, can you close it and secure it properly?

Having only one door is part of the reason we do not recommend this dome for Burning Man.

9. Will the yurt be warm enough for the colder evenings?

You will need to have a sleeping bag.

10. Can you ship to an address in San Francisco and how long would this take?

Yes, about a week.

11. Please can you also advise with the same questions above for a 14” dome, and provide total cost?

$620 + 40 shipping + 49.6 = 707

12. I do not live in US, and was wondering if shipping to UK would be much more expensive. Also would you be able to ship dome to UK by mid Aug?

We are about 3 weeks to shipping right now.

Please advise cost? (Can provide a US address is this is better option).

Shipping to UK is about $250

I have been telling other friends coming to BM about your structure, and hope to put some more business you way.

Your swift response would be most welcome, as I am aware that BM is not far off.

Thank you for your help and advise.


Jake Yearsley