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On Jun 2, 2008


I’m looking into dome structures for Burning Man, and naturally found my way to your site. I’m looking for something a little larger than your 30′ dome, and was wondering about the feasibility of connecting two 30s together in opened-arch form. From your photos, it seems that this would work, but I’m wondering how it would hold up under playa conditions. I’d appreciate any insights you have.


Hi Matt

This has been done with the 20′ and could be done with the the 30 also. The dome is weaken somewhat because of the truncated poles. I would suggest that you add to the junction arch at least 2 other arch poles. I would also remove rather than tie up the unused wall sections. An arch juncture strip need to be attached inside and to both sides of the juncture, similar to the way two doors are joined (see the online manual: ) If you decide to do it please send photos: (Thanks).

Let me know if this is not clear.


Bob Gillis