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Gro-Dome greenhouses – questions:

Re: Gro-Dome greenhouses – questions:

1. What type of base is used?

It sits directly on the ground. Since non of the materials can rot it does not require a foundation to protect it from the ground. This also allows you to plant directly in the ground. It is free standing and comes with ground stakes.

2. I see nothing about r factor – here in Virginia the winters can get down to 10 deg F.

We make full liners (Accessories )
which create an isolating air space.

How does one heat such a greenhouse,

You can use any type of stove or heater.

and is it efficient?

Yes. A dome has minimal surface area for the volume which makes it easy to heat.

3. Have you ever considered using a fine mesh screen to offer an insect-free eating area, or aviary?

Mesh does not work well since the structure needs unidirectional tensile stability (fabric with out a bias).

Regarding ventilation and insects, I’m still not clear how to prevent flies from entering the dome when the ventilation system is being used. If the doors are netted, OK, but what will prevent insects from entering via the vent tubes?

What we recommend is to use sticky back Velcro to attach a strip of netting approximately 18″ by 5′ to the inside of the upper shingle of tent fabric where you plan to place your Vent Tube. Do this so that the netting hangs down on the outside of the Yurt Dome’s cover. Then when you insert the Vent Tube the netting will cover the opening and protect the interior from insects. If and when the bugs are not a problem you can un-Velcro the net and store it. If wind is a problem use sticky back Velcro to attach the hanging part of the net to the lower shingle.

Leakage Question.

Is it true that if you touch a tent (from the inside)  while it is raining, that it will begin to leak from that spot?

Tents used to be make of breathable uncoated cotton which would leak at the point of contact. The tents we make breath through the shingling and the covering is totally water proof and will not leak.