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I like the shape of your crystal cave, and greenhouse,
Can these be made with 50% shade cloth instead of material or plastic?

No, the structures need the stability of the woven film for strength. However you can cut many large holes in the woven film between the poles and then cover the structure with the shade cloth.

My climate is not conducive to plastic, and I need the ventilation that the
shade cloth allows.

I would be interested in talking with you, I am looking for a product that I
can adapt to a traveling Butterfly exhibit. This would need to be portable,
and easy up and down.
Something that will withstand putting up and down on a weekly basis.
I would also need to be sure that it can be closed on all sides to prevent
the Butterflies from escape!

We could make you a special structure where in the shade cloth was sewn into the panels.

I need the rectangular style, and I would like to be able to make it longer
than the styles you show. I would like to go up to 30 feet long, and still
keep the height around 7 feet! Is it possible to have something such as

We could go the length 33′ and the height 7′ but the width would have to be 9′ or 11′.

We also have a 30′ dome.


Shipping to Greece is about $150 for the 18′ domes.


I would like to know if you have shelving that fits into your greenhouses to hold flats, or if you have designs for them.

We do not offer shelveing but do describe how you can make your own in our online garding manual: http://www.shelter-systems/gardening-manual.html


I’m looking to enclose a small hot tub. I live in NJ so it gets cold. I’d like to conserve electricity by keeping the air warm. Also, I’d like to have enough room for people to party inside by the tub. The tub itself is about 5 ft. in diameter. I have plenty of room in the yard. I’d like to put lots of plants around, also…
Thanks, Jim Cheadle

Look at our BubbleDome 10. or our GroDome 14.