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a family of 6 for our emergency preparedness plan

On Aug 20, 2008,


I would like to get your advice on the best product you sale for a family of 6 for our emergency preparedness plan. I saw your tents on the internet and I was very impressed. I have a lot of camping tents but in a major disaster where long-term (6 months or more) would be necessary, I think a traditional camping tent might not be the best option for my family. I have looked at military style canvass tents but the nice thing about the dome shape is better wind protection. Your guidance in this matter is much appreciated.


Chris Burris

I would suggest 2 – 18′. This way you would have two rooms. Three would be even better. You could make one a kitchen/ living room and two divided into bedrooms. Be sure to read our wind and snow warnings.


Bob Gillis