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Hi Eduardo

Most people set up a 20′ dome in about 45 minutes. The first time you put up your dome have a friend or two help.

The diameter of the dome is measured from outside poles of the dome at its widest point. The height is measured on the inside from the ground to the top center of the dome.


Bob Gillis

Dear Eleanor, Bob,

On 03/23/2011 10:23 AM, Eleanor Hamner wrote:
We have had many customers use our black and white “StarDomes” for
mobile planetariums but I am not sure if we can make our larger domes
(the 30 and 31) out of the black and white material. *I have cc’d Bob on
this email to answer this and your other technical questions. *

O.K. thanks. I will also consider the 20-ft diameter dome for this. The other specifications would be the same. Please note that I need to know the time required to set up the dome.

Do you have per chance a diagram where I can see how the diameter is measured? (e.g. at the base or at the “equator” of the dome). Also, I imagine in this diagram I’d be able to check the height of the structure, which may be also important for my purposes.